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Lecture 8b: interpreting the WAIS IV

Here is another lecture for my class on psychological testing and assessment. This one gives some additional information on the administration and interpretation of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - 4th Edition.
Say It Like You Mean It : Thank you.
Arianna Gonzalez : Thank you for sharing your lecture.
MsPocahontasbeauty : How do you determine whether or not to use 90% or 95% Confidence Intervals?
Nederlandse Veganist : Does the digit span only go up to 9 forward and 8 backward?
farah izzati : may i know if i would like to do the WAIS test with my classmates, what tools do i need. So i only need to get the WISC-IV Administration and Scoring Manual to calculate our scores?
JakubKubak : Muy Bueno!
Tom Hsu : Oh my God, Sir, you go hard!!
Héctor Carrasco : Muchas gracias por este tremendo aporte.
Patrick Lumbroso : Well done KD. Very dry topic, yet very well explained. A rare and valuable find.

[INPSYT 인터뷰] K-WISC-Ⅳ의 저자, 곽금주 교수 Interview

한국판 웩슬러 아동용 지능검사의 표준화를 담당하신
곽금주 교수님을 통해 K-WISC-4에 대하여 인터뷰를 해보았습니다.
멈머멈머 : 많은 도움이 되었어요^^감사합니다
이재영 : 미시




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